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About Us…

We have been in the biz of web design and development for the last 12 years here in Perth. We’ve designed and built hundreds of custom websites for WA businesses and even a few for companies across the Nullabor in the Eastern States. And along the way we have listened to a variety of business owners and realised that there needed to be a different web solution for some clients in some situations. So we got the team together and did some brainstorming around the questions and issues that have been raised over the years. (more about those a little later)

First of all we want to blow our trumpet a little – we have THE best team of designers,developers and support people. They are dedicated, creative, hard working, fun and funny and really give a damn about the work they do and the people they do it for.  Over the years this bunch of loyal web nerds have become a tight cohesive team with great skills and an evergrowing awareness what is happening online, what the trends are and what new technology needs to be embraced.

So back to brainstorming. We realised that there were often clients who needed a website as quickly as possible and at a lower price point. Maybe because they were a start-up business with a smaller budget, or a sole trader with a business that had no need for all the wiz bangery of a custom website, or a business taking a new direction needing a website as quickly as possible. The result of the collective brain power was to come up with a solution for websites that could be turned around in the shortest time frame possible at a lower cost.

Well we liked that idea but we have standards you know! Sure you can go buy a template off the web – but they all look so alike. Our designers have pride, they loved to create things of beauty for every client. And the developers want their code to work like swiss watches, smoothly and elegantly. Collectively they designed website layouts that were beautiful, different, adaptable, flexible, and once a client’s branding and content applied looked unique.

That is the basis for One Week Websites – a team of Perth web builders, doing something innovativley with passion. That’s who we are, oh and we’re pretty nice people too.

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