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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)


Affordable search engine optimisation in Perth

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the technical term to describe a business’s intention to rank their website for different keywords and phrases in the Google search engine results. This term sometimes gets mixed up with other terms so let us explain what we mean.


How it works..

If you were to type into “plumber Perth” you would be shown a variety of search results from Google.

At the top would be Google ads. In simple terms  you bid similar to an auction for your key phrase to be shown.

Generally the first four results on a page are Google Ads and the amount you pay when someone clicks on that ad depends on the competition in that market. To give you some extremes. If you typed in asbestos lawyer it may cost $100 for each click because the amount of money made by a lawyer in an asbestos claims case is quite significant so they will be prepared to pay for many clicks in order to get a multi $100,000 case.

If however someone typed in left-handed corkscrew which has very limited demand, the cost of that click maybe $0.10 you can see by this example the competition and the demand for the keyword will to some extent very in cost in different markets most costs will fall within the $5 to $20 range once again depending on your market. The top relating to the ads is normally called search engine marketing because it relates to the ads only. So now we get down to the search engine optimisation part. This will include google Map listings and all the other results that show under the map until you get down to the bottom of the page where there are more Google ads.

Generally we have found the cost of generating clicks from search engine optimisation a campaign is established is about a third of the cost of Google ads. This is because SEO fixed monthly charge with as many clicks as you can receive by ranking at the top where is Google ads require a payment for each and every click.

There is also the situation that more people click on the maps and the search results about compared to the Google Ads which is about 30%.

For many people who search in Google, they will never click on the ads at the top of the page they are advertisements..

Those customers want the natural search results which is what search engine optimisation is aimed at.
Where there is sufficient searching in your market search engine optimisation is by far the most cost-effective solution. We can help you with this as soon as the website is built. Given the speed of our website development, this will enable you to quickly jump start your business and start creating sales. Back to our affordable web design services.

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