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There is a place and time for everthing in this world – and in the world of business sometimes you need to make a choice where your valuable marketing dollars are spent. Every business owner knows without a doubt they need a website for their business but they are unsure what is a realistic amount to invest in it. So you need a new website –  perhaps you are a start-up business, or a smaller business or in a tight cash flow situation or even  an older business that needs a quick fix to their tired and under-performing website.

If you are looking for a new website it is easy to be bamboozled with the array of choices and range or prices for websites. Perhaps you’ve done your Googles, called a few web companies, asked your friends and family and heard prices quoted anywhwere from $300 to $10,000 for a standard information website. How do you know what is a reasonable price and are you comparing apples with apples or apples with a tropical fruit platter served on a silver plate?

We here at One Week Websites want to help you understand what is fair and sensible price to be paying or your website. But we truly believe in the adage if the price seems too good to be true, it probably is so steer clear.

We have been designing and building custom websites for close to 13 years now and and we know that some small business people aren’t in the position for a fully bespoke solution for their online presence. That’s why we created an affordable solution that delivers big for a fair price. In the marketplace there are companies or often individuals working from home offering cheap website using templates they’ve bought online with little ability to tweak the design or layout to suit your branding and functional requirements.

One Week Website designs have been created right here, in our WA office by, our designer and then meticulously coded by our talentedweb developers which are then modified by our page and content in house. A total, economical solutionfor Perth businesses


Sounds pretty good,
doesn’t it?

Affordable / Reasonable / Realistic

Other Budget Websites

Cheap / Too Good To Be True



The designs you’ll see here are our own, created by our designer,inour Perth office just for One Week Website clients.They have been carefully and thoughtfuly designed to suit multiple business types and to be adaptable to your branding and style to become uniquely identifiable to your business.

The person or company building your website will use a theme or template they have bought off the internet from a reseller – this design will have been used for thousands of other websites. They don’t do any design work and possibly aren’t capable of doing so – they are unlikey to be a web designer.



The development of a website is all the coding to create the look and functionality of your website. Our web developers have built every element of each One Week Website so we know they are pixel perfect, work the way they are supposed and are completely responsive on mobile devices. We can adjust and tweak your new website becasue we know how it was built and how it works.

Often a cheap website is actually just a template bought froma reseller and the “web designer” only knows the basics. They can add your content but may not have experience of resolving issues or a full understanding of how coding works. They stick to whatthe template does but don’t or can’t offer anything more. 



Content for a website is what makes it come alive. We help you through the process, give clear instructions on what you need and we will add everything to your new website for you. We know what Google wants to see and can advise you.And when we are done your website is fully completed – nothing more for you to do.

Beware of the fine print – many cheap websites want you to do the work of adding content. They may add your text and photos to your home page and let you to do the rest. Or leave you to your own devices to work out how to add your 500 products to your ecommerce store.



Whether your website is an information site or a shopping cart site we work hard to make sure it functions they way it should – behind the beautiful exterior of a OWW website lies thousands of lines of code & multiple plugins working together to make your website work beautifully – smooth transitions, responsiveness to screen size, elements that all fit and function seamlessly. Ourdevelopers make this happen.

We’ve all seen them – wonky websites where nothing fits or links go nowhere or pages that are blank. Can the cheap developer fix the problems if didn’t actually build the website? Probably not. There is a probability that the theme they are using doesn’t have the flexibility to add or change functions and sometimes they aren’t even secure, leaving you open to hacking.



We are here in our office in Perth and we can help you. In fact come in and meet the team of people who have designed, coded and completed your website. We’ll give you one on one training and we are always available for a chat and guidance when you edit your website.

Can you even meet the person building your site? More often than not they could be overseas, or haven’t even studied or graduated in design or development. So how are they going to help you if problems arise or more work is needed – will they offer ongoing support? You must ask that question.



Your new One Week Website site is hosted on a dedicated server. That is, only our websites are on our own, super fast, super big server – right here in Perth. This is great for  your website speed and SEO, great for support and very secure. We manage our own server so can access and fix any issue at anytime. Your website is safe with daily backups.

Cheap websites are often hosted on shared servers overseas.Your budget web company may not even tell you that you’re responsible for your own backups of your site and the first you’ll know of thids is when you need it.



Your OWW website has built in analytics and has a basic structure configured to help get your website being noticed on Google. And if you need more we have SEO, Facebook and Google Adword marketing specialists in our team as well.

Marketing cheaply means less than impressive results. Or sometimes it’s worse than that with budget companies selling you a cheap website so they can charge over inflated prices for your online marketing. Beware -too cheap often turns out to be too expensive. 

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