Our Terms & Conditions - One Week Websites

Terms & Conditions…

These are the Terms & Conditions for One Week Websites. 

Payment Terms

A 50% deposit is required prior to the commencement of the website build. The 50% balance is required on the completion of the website build and once all content has been added and prior to making the website live.

Timeframe of Build

The One Week build timeframe commences from the day all required content is received from the client. Content includes;

  • Your logo in an acceptable digital format
  • Your branding including client colours, fonts and slogans/taglines
  • Your text for every page of the website
  • Your images for every page of the website including banner images, profile or project images and images generally required on the site
  • Your social media links, including logins to those accounts where connection to the website ir required

All of the above plus:

  • Product images in the required format
  • A spreadsheet of produsct with all data entered in the prescribed format and correct (OWW will supply the base spreadsheet)
  • Logins to your Paypal account for the ecommerce payment system
  • Shipping rates given (Flat rate)


Domain Names

We purchase, register and manage an Australian domain name on your behalf and it is current for 1 year.  Where we purchase a domain name on your behalf, the domain is registered in your entity’s name and you as the client have full ownership.

Management of Domain Names

One Week Websites manage our client’s domain renewals. Near the end of the 12 month free domain registration period you will receive a renewal notice and invoice. To ensure continuity of ownership of your domain the re-registration needs to be by the due date to ensure that your domains are renewed on time with the domain company. 

Where the domain is not paid by the due date we will not renew the domain and your domain, in accordance with the domain authority guidelines, will go through its domain non renewal stages. Within 30 days of non-renewal it can be renewed without penalty. After the 30 day mark extra charges will apply to retrieve the domain over and above the normal domain renewal fee. We have no control over these fees and they are subject to change by the AUDA governing body.

At the 90 day point, your domain will be released to the open market and can be purchased by companies that buy expired domains. Once that occurs there is no recovery action possible by us. We will not be liable for any loss due to non payment by you for the domain renewal. It is your responsibility to notify us of changes to email addresses and telephone contacts so that we can invoice you prior to the due date or to make you aware that your domain has expired.


Website Support
  • Website support as part of hosting and support charges includes 1 hours training on how to manage and edit your website.
  • Website support as part of hosting and support charges includes ongoing training assistance via phone or email in the editing of your website.
  • Website support does not include One Week Websites adding to or editing content on your website after website completion and the client has administrative logins to do such editing. If such editing is required from Web Wizards then time will be charged for this service at the current hourly rate.
  • A website is developed at a point in time – at that point of time the website has been made compatible and compliant with the current technology i.e. current browsers, software, devices. We include an initial 12 months of plugin updates to support the website with the current technology. From that point plugin updates or replacement of outdated plugins or changes to the website to comply with technology changes will be charged for at the current hourly rate.
  • If there are any code errors not caused by the customer (yourself) or your agent (any person/company managing, editing or altering the website other than Web Wizards) we will restore the website free of charge.  Code errors are rare and if they do arise are usually caused by outdated or conflicting plugins. Plugins installed and operational at the launch of your website are known to be up to date and compatible. This does not exclude future plugin updates clashing or new plugins added after that point to be incompatible. In this instance time taken to investigate and rectify such issues will be charged for at the current hourly rate.
  • Support does not include advice, education or management of your email or computer software or hardware. We can refer you to specialist IT companies that provide that support if required.
Website Hosting

Included in the One Week Website is  FREE 6 months of hosting. After the inital 6 month free period you ar required to pay for the website hosting. You can elect to pay for support and hosting at $33 per month or pay a yearly amount of $330 and receive 2 months free for paying annually.

Monthly web hosting must be paid for via Direct Debit using our nominated provider Ezidebit. Direct debits will be made from either your nominated bank account or credit card. Clients can choose not to pay monthly via Ezidebit and can pay an annual hosting fee equivalent to 10 month’s fees, payable in advance. If you request that your website be hosted elsewhere, extra fees may apply.

The website hosting & support charge includes the backup of your files daily on our own dedicated Australian server. This also includes up to 5 emails hosted using your domain name e.g sales@yourwebsite.com.au at 500 MB storage space per email to a total of 5GB cumulative. If you require more space or more emails this will be additional cost to your hosting & support.

Website hosting is the storage and maintenance of the files that make up your website and emails on our server. Your website and email files require space on our server so therefore part of hosting and support is the rental or service fee for that space. It includes the security of those files to prevent the likelihood of cyber-attack. There are also daily backups of your website so if for any reason something was to go wrong with your website, we can restore it to earlier that day or week.

We maintain the server with the latest stable release software. Our server expert oversees all server maintenance constantly making it highly secure. However, in the unlikely instance that something happens to the server such as during an update of the server software we will restore your website from the latest backup which is stored on an external server as well as a mirrored server.

Email Hosting & Support
  • We will create up to 5 emails for you on our server using your domain name and supply you with passwords and email settings.
  • An allowance of 5GB email cumulative data storage at any time. Email data storage that exceeds this allowance will be chargable at the current rate.
  • Any email problems which are the responsibility of One Week Websites e.g. server disruption or modification to client’s email account by One Week Websites will be rectified by One Week Websites and is included in monthly hosting and support. 
  • Initial set-up of emails is included. If you require assistance on setting up the emails using your email client (Outlook, Windows Mail, Gmail) we will be more than happy to remotely access your computer and set this up for you. If you need to set up the email on a mobile device we can provide assistance over the phone.
  • Ongoing email support after initial set up may incur additional charges. First 15 minutes is non-chargeable, thereafter charged at the standard rate
  • In order for you to access your emails securely you need to ensure your phone software and computer software are all up to date with the latest version of the programs and operating system otherwise there may be issues with setting up your email on the devices or computer. Email support that falls outside of this parameter will be charged for.
  • Email accounts not hosted by One Week Websites cannot be supported.  eg Google Apps, Microsoft 365 or 3rd Party Email Software
Website Ranking in Google

One Week Websites will configure your website with the basic SEO structure using an SEO plugin.This will help Google index your website in the Google search enfine and adds a sitemap which shows Google all the pages on your website so thay also can be indexed. We are not responsible for the optimising of your website for seach engine ranking. This is a separate paid for service and is not part of the One Week Website build.

In order to rank your website on the first page of Google it will require specific actions and expert SEO knowledge. These services can be discussed at any time and we are happy to provide a separate quote.

Google Analytics

We will apply your own Google Analytics code to your website. If you do not have a Google Analytics account we will provide instructions on how to create one. We will include a plugin on your website that accepts the Google Analytic code and can be accessed by you in the dashboard of your website for basic analytic website traffic information.

If you require comprehensive Google Analytic reporting and want One Week Websites to create the required accounts and configure for you this is an additional service and extra charges will apply.




Website Updates
  • Website support does not include One Week Websites adding to or editing content on your website after website completion and the client has administrative logins to do such editing. If such editing is required from Web Wizards then time will be charged for this service at the current hourly rate.