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Affordable, professional, low cost web design.

We created One Week Websites to meet a need for businesses who wanted a website in a hurry. Any business owner knows how important it is to have a professional looking website but there a times when an 8 to 10 week delay is just too long for your website to be built. So we looked at the market availability and saw that there were either low quality or cookie cutter options for anyone wanting a website in a short space of time and at a lower cost.

The first option is to buy a template from a theme seller website that hundreds, if not thousands of other businesses have. So it’s not unique and a business owner then needs to try and build it themselves, it’s frustrating.

A second option is to use a company offering cheap websites who will buy a template (same as above) and get them to add the content and tweak the design and function – the problem with this option is often your website is outsourced to an overseas company and put together quickly with little attention to detail. After a short space of time there is no support and if you want to add to the website over time there are limitations. What initially seems a good idea creates problems further down the track.

Another option is to type free template into Google which may yield many results BUT are they virus free, DO they work, and more importantly WHO can help you – there is no support.

But why risk it and why waste your valuable time? If you need a fast solution with a professional result then we have, what we believe, to be the perfect solution in One Week Websites. Your new website will be completed and live – a quick turnaround of 1 week from when you supply all your content.

Best of all is that the website will be styled to your branding, unique to your business and built competently, robustly and professionally with full support, hosted on our own dedicated Australian server. There is no risk that your site will have malware or security issues as can be the case with free or cheap websites – in fact often your website will be packed onto a server somehwere in a distant land along with every other man and his dogs.

These choices mean more of your time and money with a lack of flexibility. Many of these themes are intended for do-it-yourself web builders, which if you have some experience are workable. If you have more complicated requirements then there may not have a simple option to change the functions and design on a bought theme. Then you’re back to square one – you need expert help and you need to spend more money.

If you choose one of our pre-designed web layouts we guarantee that your new website will be built with best practices, using up to date software and code, minimising any problems or downtime as found with bought or free themes of lower quality.

Why are our designs are different?

These are OUR designs – the designers we employ, in our Perth office, who have years of experience in the industry are the ones who ruminate, dream, draw, design, test, tweak and refine the graphics on our big Macs (not the all beef pattie kind, but the sleek, sexy, silver computer beast kind)  until we all agree that they have a killer-looking website design.

Along the design pathway we discuss user friendliness, how to code the website and include maximum functionality, how the design will appear on mobiles, is the design flexible and appealing and will your potential customers like what they see.  And only after all those considerations can be considered positive does the deisgn get the big tick of approval from the team.

Now we have big smiles on our faces, the designers are feeling pretty chuffed with themselves and then we pass the design onto the developers for the geeky stuff.

And now some magic happens – a beautiful design is more like a piece of art – gorgeous to look at but what does it do? This is where web developers get to show their skills. Each design element needs to have function, movement and useability. So when you click on something it takes you somewhere – or you hover over this and you’ll see that. If you’ve ever peered into lines of website code you start to appreciate how clever coders are. There are thousands of lines of what looks like a combination of latin, algebra and some horrendously misplaced punctuation. And it all means something important.

We have now done this multiple times to create a choice of web designs for you. Doing all this pre-work is how we can get a brand new, professional, beautiful/sexy/gorgeous/handsome/funky/fabulous website to you in just a WEEK. Of course there a few simple T & C’s but the most important one is you need to have supplied all the content first (don’t worry we’ll give you directins about that too) and then the 1 week begins and ends in a lickety split  – yippee NEW WEBSITE.

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