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Website hosting in Perth.

Website hosting is something that people often overlook. The reason is that they think one website host is the same as another. The truth is nothing could be further from the truth. You see we don’t just provide hosting but we provide hosting and support. That means that if you have any issues with your website backups, your emails or how to use your website in we cover that all in your hosting and support cost. For other companies they merely provide hosting and if something happens with your website then they will generally say it’s your responsibility to backup your own site and that if anything is lost it’s not their fault. For many business customers they realise how important it is to have someone take responsibility for backing up their website and providing support to run the website.

After all do you really want to be in the business of understanding how servers work and all the complexities that are involved with that or do you simply want to run your business and leave someone else all the difficult and complicated geeky stuff that is sure that your website stay safe and can be restored quickly & easily.

How server is based in Perth which ensures that local Perth customers. To view their website quickly & easily as it is close to where they are searching from.

We also have our own dedicated server which means that only our customers are on that server and we provide all the backup and support for it. Many web designers share servers and we’re hosting their ability to specific server settings where needed and to control the speed of their website responses You are just part of 1000 other websites  on someone else’s server. This is why we have our own dedicated server not stretched to capacity like many other companies have.

We also have litespeed installed on our server which is quicker than Apache which used to be the standard server software. We also have Lightspeed caching which means that the website is cached in a browser and that’s loads much quicker for the person viewing the website.

We ensure that daily, weekly and monthly backups of all our client sites are place. If anything were to happen,we can normally restore them within 10 minutes.

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